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Dodge Bullet Issues in Articulate® Storyline®

  Bullets aren’t looked upon particularly favorably nowadays as an eLearning element, but as someone said to me recently, “Sometimes you just need bullets!”

If you use Articulate® Storyline® to create your eLearning, as I do, you may have sometimes felt a bit frustrated when changing font type size on bulleted text. A common occurrence is for the last bullet in the list to stubbornly maintain the old type size.

In this video I describe a discovery I made that forces that last bullet – or any bullet that isn’t “behaving” –  to conform. The “key” step is at around 59 seconds, where I suggest you use your mouse to “select” at the end of the line containing the bullet that’s not conforming. It’s difficult to see what I mean, because Storyline doesn’t highlight that area and there’s not a whole lot to select. So, here’s a screenshot that may help. The yellow highlight indicates the little spot, right after the bulleted text, where you drag your mouse before adjusting the bullet size.

Screen shot with highlight and arrow showing where to select at end of bulleted line

In addition, I think I’ve found a way to avoid the problem altogether. Intrigued? Check out the video. And, if you do give these tips a try, I’d love to know if they work for you.

Articulate® Storyline® – Bullet Color

It’s been a while since I’ve added any screencasts here, so, today’s the day! And since tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d go with one that has a Valentine Design.

A question that pops up frequently in the Articulate® Community Forums is how to change bullet color – that is, to make bullets a different color than their associated text. If that’s a question you’ve been asking yourself, take a coupla’ minutes to watch this video.