Do You Have a Favorite Dictionary and Thesaurus Web Site?

I’ve been writing and editing for many years, and I always have a dictionary and thesaurus by my side. In the “old” days, these were hard copy books. When I first moved to the online world, I kept these books beside me – and often I had at least two dictionaries.

Favorite Dictionary Site

screen shot of page from, word searched was audio

But a couple years back, I discovered I could have hundreds of dictionaries by my side if I visited OneLook Dictionary Search. According to their web site, “More than 5 million words in more than 1000 online dictionaries are indexed by the OneLook® search engine.” These dictionaries are broken down by type. For this example, I searched on the word audio. In addition to the three dictionary types displayed in this screen shot, four others were retrieved: Computing, Medicine, Slang, and Tech – for a total of 43 dictionaries. Easy enough to access these dictionaries by clicking on the links. Very nice!

Favorite Thesaurus Site

And, my favorite thesaurus site is Type a word in the search box and, as is true in many thesauri, results are broken down by definition, and each definition contains synonyms and antonyms.


Clicking a definition, synonym, or antonym, displays its page in – and there you are with more entries.

Or, scroll down to see some sample sentences and a visual thesaurus. If you find this type of word mapping helpful, you may want to purchase a subscription. Click one of the words to connect to the Visual Thesaurus page.

OneLook Dictionary Search includes a reverse dictionary where you can describe a concept and a list of words are returned to you. incorporates other perks, including a daily crossword puzzle and a crossword solver! And something the old hard copies just couldn’t do: both sites include audio pronunciation. Now that’s a really great eLearning eLement!

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